Tis the Season For Additional Waste... Don't Put It in the Trash!

The Holidays are a season of giving, getting, baking, decorating and feasting! All this joy comes with a little baggage however…excess waste baggage that is! American’s generate 25% more trash between Thanksgiving and New Year’s than any other time of the year, adding up to a million more tons of waste every week. But, it’s not all trash. Some of that waste is recyclable, and needed for the feedstock to make new products.

Gift Bags:

  • Remove tissue paper, cut off the handles, place with your paper & cardboard recycling.
  • Reuse next year if possible.
  • Heavy glittered gift bags are NOT recyclable, put those in the trash if they are not reusable.
  • Plastic Gift Bags are NOT recyclable.



Gift Boxes & Cardboard Shipping Boxes:

Remove ribbons & bows, tissue paper, styrofoam, plastic, collapse the cardboard box and place with paper & cardboard recycling.
Reuse next year if possible.



Christmas Lights:

Home Depot, Loew’s and True Value Hardware occasionally have promotions, giving consumers the opportunity to bring in old lights and receive a discount on new lights. Check with your local retailers for current promotions.



Christmas Cards & Letters:

Reuse them! Cut off the front, make gift tags for next year or  
recycle them with your paper & cardboard.

  • Musical Cards - REMOVE the BATTERY and dispose of battery in Hazardous Waste.
  • Heavily Glittered Cards are NOT recyclable.



Real Christmas Trees & Evergreen Garland:

  • Remove ALL lights, bulbs and tinsel. Trees will NOT be accepted unless all décor is removed.
  • Bring to the Recycling Center in Carroll. There is a charge, $2.00 per tree.  We’ll shred them into mulch.
  • Look for local post-holiday collection services, such as the Kiwanis Christmas Tree Collection Event. Carroll County Solid Waste partners with the Kiwanians, providing free disposal at the Recycling Center, where trees are shredded into mulch.


Holiday Food Containers:

  • MOST food, beverage, soap/cleaners, paper and cardboard packaging is recyclable.
  • Gift us your Glass, Cans, Plastics (1&2 ONLY), paper and cardboard.


Product Packaging:

Most items come packaged in cardboard boxes and are insulated inside the box with additional cardboard materials. All of this cardboard can be recycled. Remove liners, plastic, or styrofoam materials, collapse the cardboard and add to your recycling.


Reuse and Repurpose:

  • Bows and Ribbons can be reused, box them up for next year!
  • Tissue paper - fold and save for next year!
  • Old Ornaments - ready for a new look? Sell or share your old set!
    • Broken ornaments are trash

*There will always be materials that cannot be reused or repurposed and need to be disposed of.

Please place these items in your TRASH:


Plastics 3-7

Wrapping Paper

Plastic Shipping Bubbles

Unusable Tissue Paper

Unusable Bows/Ribbon




Glittery Gift Bags

Broken Ornaments

Unusable Rubbermaid

Plastic Shipping Air Bags